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What's a custom song?

A custom song is a musical composition that is created to express a story, emotions, or details unique to the individual. This can include piano, drums, strings, and any other instruments as optional sound texture. It could include words and phrases that are meaningful and evoke emotion. The purpose of a custom song is to provide additional impact and meaning to a life or business event that otherwise would be lacking in depth without a custom song.

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Josh's Custom songs

custom songs that last forever

Who are they for?

Professional Events

Corporate Events



Association Meeting


Sports Events

School Songs

Marketing Ads

Team Building






Wedding Proposals

Engagement Parties


Baby Birth


Personal Branding


Speaker Reels

Speaker Theme Song


Keynote Engagement

Ecourse Music

Mastermind Event

Retreat Event

Unforgettable experiences

The emotional Impact

They're Inspired

Custom songs create an atmosphere of positive feelings and uplifting energy.

Feel Cherished

When a custom song is created for someone, it's magical for them and a feeling of love from another person is often overwhelming.

Moved to action

A song written for a specific event and cause can be powerfully motivating and can create comradery and unity.

Uniquely Special

When a moment graced with a special song, it's unlike any other experience the person has had before.

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How to get started

Book A Free Consultation

Click one of the buttons on this page or scroll down to the bottom. Select a day and time to meet with Josh about your song.

Attend your consultation

You'll meet with Josh and discuss your song idea. You can ask questions and talk about the exciting song creation process.

Invest in your song

Josh will help you select a package plan. Make your payment to get started.

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Music worth waiting for

Pricing & upgrades

Silver Package

Custom Song Interview

Songwriting (music, lyrics)

2 Song Reveal Sessions

2 Revision Opportunities

Pro Studio Recording

Mix Tracks

Master Tracks

MP3 & CD of Song

Song Lyrics PDF

Book a call for pricing

gold Package

Song Lyric Plaque

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platinum Package

Perform Live

(+ travel expenses)

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diamond Package

Music Video

Personal Pictures to Song

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how it all works

Song creation process

Schedule Custom Song Creation Interview

During your consultation call you'll schedule a song creation interview.

Receive & Sign Custom Song Contract

Shortly after your consultation call with Josh, you'll receive a contract. Sign and send back to Josh.

Attend song creation interview

Get excited about your time to discuss and flesh out your song idea with Josh. It's a fun time to explore your story and to provide Josh with as many detail as possible.

Josh writes song

Once Josh gets as much information from you, he will use his creative genius to craft lyrics and music to capture the essence of what you are looking for in a custom song.

Song Reveal Session

After roughly two weeks, Josh will schedule a time to go through the song with you. Josh will perform the song live. You'll have the chance to request changes.

Change Requests 1st Revision

Any changes will be made during this step.

Final Song Reveal Session

A final version will be presented and you'll have one last opportunity to suggest any changes.

Change Requests 2nd Revision

Final changes are made during this step.

Record Song

Josh will travel to a local recording studio with any instrumentalists and record the song. The song will be professionally mixed and mastered.

Deliver Song

You'll receive an mp3 file via email and a document with the lyrics, if lyrics were requested to be written. You'll have your song to share.

About Josh

Josh Holladay is a Keynote Speaker, Singer, and Songwriter from Oakley, Utah and originally from the Sacramento area.

Josh has been singing and writing music and poetry all of his life. He's performed in numerous choirs and has been a principle performer for solos, musicals, and operas. He received a Bachelors of Music where he studied music theory and songwriting with an emphasis in vocal performance.

Josh also sings with his wife. He travels to various events giving keynote concerts and inspires people with his songs and message.


Josh was a pleasure to work with...he could be the perfect addition. He is a good singer, songwriter.

Stuart Draper, CEO of Stukent - ProfCon 2023

Josh's passion for music is so evident in the way he composes, sings and performs. I know he puts his whole heart into what he creates in his music. His voice is full and rich and he takes pride in sharing his gifts to brighten and enhance others' lives.

Amy Helm

I've played piano for Josh on multiple occasions. Josh has a unique passion that comes through in his music. He feels the music and the words while he sings which allows for others to feel the words and the music in a powerful way.

Jill Nilsen, accompanist

Josh is very passionate about music. He loves to create and perform music that will touch the lives of others. I have had the opportunity to hear Josh sing in multiple different settings, as well as perform with him in a choir setting. No matter what the occasion, Josh puts his heart and soul into making the performance as meaningful as possible. His voice has a beautiful tone quality that helps touch the hearts of those who listen.

erin hansen, flute


Oakley, Idaho


(385) 246-3866



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